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The Dominican Golf Association of Miami (DGAM) is a social club where golf-lovers, mostly of Dominican descent, meet to play and share the passion for the sport. The DGAM is a non-profit organization that aims to help support entities for the needy in South Florida and Latin America.


In 2002, three friends living in Miami decided to play golf on a regular basis, not realizing that this would be the origins of the Dominican Golf Association of Miami. These 3 friends - Julio Paredes, Tomas Clarke and Tito Montalvo - would get together during the weekends and play golf around many of the popular golf courses in the South Florida area. A few years later, they decided to organize their first "tournament". In 2004, this tournament was held in Ormond Beach, among only them three. In 2008 the league had welcomed three more members, Victor Peña, Vinicio Gonzalez and Oscar Cruz. Their passion for the sport grew and so did the group of members. In the subsequent years, the membership expanded, and more Dominicans found out about the fun-loving group of players that called themselves a "family". Fun activities were planned and routinely held, including organized yearly tournaments, annual holiday parties, award ceremonies, and international trips to golf destinations. Now, in 2020, the league is proud to say that it has over 40 members and the fun has never stopped.

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